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Exterior House Painters in Riverside, California


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We have been providing Riverside County, CA metropolitan areas with quality interior painting and restoration services for homes and commercial properties for over 14 years, As a family-owned and operated business, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We meet the highest industry standards and work closely with each and every client to satisfy individual needs with reliable, quality service!

Not all interior painting contractors are good at selecting colors.

It is good to remember that even the best interior house painters may not always be the best people to ask for a color advice.

Some home owners rely heavily on a painting contractor to give them a color advice. And there are probably some house painters that have an artistic eye, and are good at selecting colors. Many of the painting contractors are probably not the best in the role of interior color advisors. If a color advice is needed Dunn Edwards paint stores have color consultants on staff, that offer their services free of charge, to anyone who needs them. A home owner can take a digital picture of the area that is being painted,


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Our experience with Victory Paints was very positive. The response to our request for an estimate was prompt. We were able to quickly work out a mutually agreeable arrangement regarding payment since we are out-of-state owners of a rental property. The paint job was begun right away and finished on time. We highly recommend this painting company. Both the property management company and HOA said the house “looks fantastic”. This has exceeded our expectations! We shall refer Razor Sharp to friends in that area who may be looking for professional painters.


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Overview Of How We Paint the Exterior of a House

The process of painting an exterior of the house will vary slightly from one painting contractor to another, as there are more than one way to complete an exterior painting project correctly, but most of the house painters will perform the same basic steps.
Below are the steps that we usually take when painting the exterior of the house:
  • To provide good adhesion of the paint to the surface wash the entire house with a pressure washer. Power washing cleans the house from all the dirt and dust that has build up, during many years since the last time the exterior has been painted.
  • Scrape loose paint by hand. If the exterior of the house has paint that is pealing, some of it may come off with pressure washing. However to get rid of all loose paint completely, it needs to be scraped well by hand.
  • Fix cracks and holes. Depending on the size of cracks different materials may be used. For small hairline cracks, most of the painting contractors prefer elastomeric patch. It usually applied with a brush, in the same way, you would apply paint, and it covers small cracks well and dries to be as hard as concrete. For larger cracks, regular latex caulk is used by many of the exterior house painters in Riverside.
  • Mask windows, doors, and cover driveways, walks, decks and plants around the house. Some of the surfaces is almost impossible to completely clean from over spray and it is always better to be safe than sorry, and making the effort to cover everything that is not being painted with plastic, paper, and tarps, pays off every single time.
  • Spray paint most of the house. Spray the body of the house and inside of the trim. Wait till the paint dries and put a second coat of paint.
  • Brush and roll what is left. Most of the professional house painters, that charge enough for their work and can afford to spend a little extra time on the project, paint by hand the outside part of the trim, with a brush and a small roller, in order not to get any overspray on the roof tile.

When the entire house is being painted in one color, then it is worth to spend time to mask the roof tile properly and spray paint the entire house without using a brush.

  • Clean up. The last step of exterior painting is to wait till the paint on the edges of plastic and paper that covers doors and windows dries and clean the house from all protective materials.
  • Inspection. Most of the Riverside house painters do an inspection of the house with the homeowner, prior to loading ladders on their truck and washing the brushes. It is a lot more cost effective to fix anything, if found during the inspection, than to get a call back from a homeowner and have to come back to touch up something that could have been addressed in the first place, if the contractor took 10 minutes at the end of the job to walk around the house with the homeowner, to see if everything looks the way it supposed to.


Types Of Paint Used On the Exterior of A Home:

Exterior Dunn Edwards & Sherwin Williams paints most commonly used by Riverside painting contractors.

  • Dunn Edwards paint that is often used by painting contractors because of its high quality, has few grades available and choice would depend on customer’s budget.

Two most popular ones are Versaflat and Acrihues.

  • Versaflat – the least expensive Dunn Edwards paint that is suitable for exterior. Comparing to Home Depot #1 seller Behr paint, Versaflat is about the same quality. This particular paint would be a good choice for a homeowner that is planning on selling the house, and not expecting a painting job that will last for many years. Versaflat is not 100% acrylic and in California weather house will need to be re-painted in 5-7 years, as the paint after this period of time will start fading and loosing it’s original look.
    Acrihues-100% acrylic paint. It is not the top of the line paint but because it is 100% acrylic, it should last 8-10 years, assuming all the preparation work and application was done correctly. Higher grade of paint can be used for more upscale houses, where the homeowner wants the best, and not really concerned about the price, however for most of the houses Acrihues is the best choice because of the combination of the price and value.

How To Calculate How Much Paint Needed For Your Painting Project.

It would vary from one painting company to another how the amount of paint that is needed for the painting project is being calculated. An example below should give you just a rough idea.

The amount of paint needed will vary depending on the type of paint used and the surface being painted.
For exteriors stucco requires the most paint as it needed to be sprayed at different angels to properly cover the previous color, especially if the new color is much different from the one it is being painted over.

  • One gallon would cover approximately 200sf.
  • So for an average house that is about 1500sf for two coats of paint about 15 gallons would be needed.
  • Brick or wood surface gives a little better coverage per square feet.
    For interiors it takes approximately 350sf per gallon of paint with adjustment on whether it is smooth or heavily textured drywall.


How to choose colors for exterior painting.

Buying a few paint samples can help you select colors for exterior house painting.

The easiest way to choose a color for your house is to go to a paint store after you get an idea of what you want by looking at color schemes and buy a few samples.
If you are looking for something specific you can drive around your neighborhood and if you like any of the colors you see on your neighbor’s house you can always ask the owner a permission to peel a little piece of paint from inside the trim or at the foundation of the house (that is where a lot of times you can find paint that is already peeling off). And then have a computerized color match done on the peeled off sample in any paint store.

Below is the video of entire exterior, both trim and body, being spray painted with an airless sprayer.

This five and a half minutes video shows exterior of a house in Riverside, CA being spray painted with an airless sprayer. We spray painted entire exterior without using a brush or a roller. This house is about 1000 square feet. The cost to spray paint this house was $1550. This price included materials, 100% acrylic paint from Sherwin Williams (Duracraft was the grade of the paint) and labor. It also included fixing numerous cracks, holes and scraping peeling paint on a lot of areas around the exterior of the house.

If you have a house with a similar square footage that needs painting – please do not compare – as each paint job is different. Please call to schedule a free estimate.

Using elastomeric paint for exterior house painting in Riverside.

Not many painting contractors in Riverside specialize in painting exteriors with elasomeric paint, and if you sure that elasomeric is what you want, find a painting company that has experience working with it.

Elastomeric coating can be oil or water based. It it is formulated mostly to cover surface cracks and be a sealant against moisture. For elastomeric coating used in residential painting most often surfaces covered are concrete, brick or stucco. Elastomeric paints usually used in coastal communities where waterproofing is desirable, or areas where it rains a lot during the year. Elastomeric paints usually do not chalk which makes them very long lasting. Being long lasting paints, holding the moisture out and hiding the cracks, those are the advantages of the elastomeric paints.
However there are some disadvantages.

A gallon of elastomeric paint will cover about 80sf per gallon, when most of the paints used for exterior painting will usually give you 200-300 sf per gallon. In addition of covering very small area per gallon, elastomeric paint is expensive. It is about $130 for 5 gallons, when water based 100% acrylic Dunn Edwards paints start at $85 for 5 gallons (all contractor pricing).

Elastomeric paint requires very good surface preparation and high pressure gas sprayer(most electric sprayers won’t do the job).
If moisture gets behind elastomeric paint it may become trapped with nowhere to go, blow up like a balloon and the paint will come off. If moisture gets behind regular paint, it usually cracks and this crack can wait till next painting job, and be fixed during preparation process.
The cost of painting the house with elastomeric paint will be a higher, comparing to best premium water based 100% acrylic paints, and in Riverside metro with so little rain fall will be hard to justify.

If you do decide to hire a painting company to paint your exterior with elastomeric paint, it is imperative to make sure the painting contractor has experience in applying these type of coating, as elastomeric painting job gone bad is not a pretty sight.